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Anxiety Disorder

Illness Anxiety Disorder

Feeling of ‘Anxiety’ is a natural emotion. Whenever one feels challenged / threatened / worried, it is a normal human response to feel anxious. However, when this anxiety becomes overwhelming to a point of hampering one’s daily routine, it becomes a ‘Disorder’.
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या मुलांशी वागायचं तरी कसं ?

सगळ्याच किशोरावस्थेतील मुलांच्या पालकांसमोर हा प्रश्न असतो. अतिशय निरागस असलेल्या आपला मुलगा/ मुलगी, जो आपलं सगळं ऐकायचा हळुहळू आपलं ऐकेनासा होतो . सगळ्या गोष्टी जो आपल्याशी शेअर करायचा, तो आत्ता आईबाबांशी जास्त मनमोकळं बोलत नाही.
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FEAR… A Mind Game!!!!

Priya (name changed), a 14 year old girl is a very lonely child, her parents noticed that she constantly appears worried and is reluctant to attend social gatherings or talk to people .
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World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2020

Dear Mental health, How are you ? You must be the happiest , as the entire world is celebrating Mental Health day today.
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World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September 2020

This is a small attempt on my behalf to put forth in words the pain, turmoil and emotions of those, when they attempted suicide.
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